Freedom from religion!

The Scriptures say that “the truth will set you free.” Once we start to understand Yeshua from a Hebraic perspective, this revelation transforms our lives, unraveling the pagan and religious practices many of us have been brought up to think of as the pillars in our Christian faith.

BulldozerFaith strives to return to the essence of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) teachings, being led by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) and inspiring others to break the chains that have trapped them in bondage for too long!

As an overall ministry, Gottalife Ministries International focuses on training, equipping, and releasing believers in Yeshua into their Elohim (God) given calling. Traveling worldwide, Bulldozerfaith strives to encourage believers on the importance of Living Life in the Spirit. Though many fall short of what Elohim has called them to do, the BulldozerFaith Project’s vision is to bring restoration, setting the captive hearts free so believers can become who God has called us to be!

Through hosting outreach training, sharing online devotional teachings, and developing teaching materials, BulldozerFaith hopes to edify and build the body of the Messiah around the world!

It has been an amazing journey. Since 2012, BulldozerFaith has ministered to millions across the nations through television, radio, and other social media outlets, traveling to the nations on tours to minister what YeHoVaH is revealing to the body of Messiah! Thousands have received the message and are rejoicing in the restoration of the true kingdom message as we follow the leading of the Ruach to guide our steps and be the voice to this generation!

Looking towards the future, BulldozerFaith’s next steps in the vision are to establish a department that will be focused on publishing and producing books and discipleship materials. The goal is to launch a mission agency to support, train, and send out individuals and families into the harvest fields.

If you are interested in joining us on this mission, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and contact us with any questions or inquires you might have!

Current divisions of the ministry:

BulldozerFaith Studios Israel – Where we produce content and send the message out to the world.

Living Stone Torah Outreach – Mission outreach events that train people in evangelism.

Crossing Point Global Community – Weekly Zoom meetings and member support (website coming soon)

Inspire Truth – (Established by Hannah-Rose) – A blog with helpful resources to help people grow in their faith.