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In these dark and desperate times we turn to you for help. We are bound by a sacred calling for to care for the brokenhearted, and we cannot fulfill this mission without your assistance.

Your contributions will enable us to extend a helping hand to those who need it most – families shattered by the ravages of war, individuals struggling to find their loved ones, and those waiting for the return of their fallen heroes. Your generosity will provide much-needed relief, both in terms of physical aid and emotional support, as we offer our prayers and comforting presence to those affected by this crisis.

If you want to make a donation go to https://member.bulldozerfaith.com/give Every dollar that you contribute will increase the relief efforts of our ministry, and every prayer you offer up will be a source of strength to open up the heavens and salvations hope to be seen


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Mission Agency

BulldozerFaith is committed to teaching people the keys of mission outreach to reach the lost and broken-hearted within their local communities


Join Kenny Russell as he opens up the Scriptures in teachings that will inspire, encourage, and bring hope to those all over the world.


Here at BulldozerFaith, we use donations to spread the message of the Kingdom, along with teaming up with other causes to support those in need.


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Mission Agency

For many years, BulldozerFaith has prayed and waited on the Lord's timing to raise His spiritual army, and now we have arrived at this new chapter with a plan and commission from the Holy Spirit. Through this mission agency, we want to develop 1,000 outreach sites in parks and public gathering areas across North America with gazebos offering prayer, letters of hope, and baptisms. By living our faith where those not yet saved can see, we become a testimony that attracts atheists and lost individuals of all backgrounds to witness the transformation and feel comfortable speaking with us. We recognize the urgency of this task and believe the Holy Spirit will provide for the size of this vision and produce the fruit that will lead to many meeting their savior, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). 

Making a difference in ISRAEL to the ends of the WORLD

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