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War in Israel – a letter of introduction


We need your prayers and support right now and we understand some are just starting to get to know our ministry and work and we want to share a letter of introduction about us and our work.

I am writing this to you as a Minister of the Gospel for over 30 years and a citizen of Israel for the past 13 years. This week, I have witnessed my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens live through the atrocities and trauma of the current war against Hamas, the terrorist organization in Gaza, in the South, and now we are preparing for an ongoing war with an even greater terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon pointing 300,000 missiles at Israel and not forgetting the Houthis in Yemen, all are proxies of the Iranian’s all with the desire to eliminate the Jewish people and destroy the State of Israel.

We are in dark and desperate times, with over 1,300 of our citizens dead, murdered by demonized devils! We know that satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, but in the midst of raging violence, there are people born-again, washed and cleansed by the blood of Yeshua (Jesus), who will not sit back and do nothing.

This is why we turn to you, our fellow soldiers in the army of the LORD today, for help.

We can make a difference, and there are many ways to help. Here at BulldozerFaith, we intercede for the spiritually lost and those desperate for the bare essentials as war victims. As watchmen on the walls, we sound the alarm to rise and play our part in bringing the love of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel through aid relief and a message of hope in the Messiah.

As a family and a ministry, we are bound by a sacred calling to care for the broken-hearted, but we cannot fulfill this mission without your assistance. The people in my county don’t just need help with the essentials, things that the government and humanitarian aid organizations can supply; they need Yeshua (Jesus), who can restore a broken spirit and comfort the hearts of those whose loved ones have been ripped away from them in the evillest of ways, ways that our minds cannot comprehend or process. As a believer, if you have ever experienced unsurmountable grief, you would know just how the Holy Spirit has a way of healing and restoring that no words could do because it is a supernatural process.

We want to show them that Yeshua (Jesus) is right here, right now, just like He was 2000 years ago, only now He is living in the body of His people and here to help them overcome the battle for their souls.

Your contributions will enable us to extend a helping hand to those who need it most–families shattered by the ravages of war, mourning the loss and devastation of their loved ones, individuals struggling to find their loved ones, and those waiting for the return of their fallen heroes. Your generosity will provide much-needed relief regarding physical aid and emotional support as we offer our prayers and comforting presence to those affected by this crisis.

We are asking for donations as we prepare for what we need. We plan to purchase several containers to store non-perishable goods, water, toiletry, and sanitary items. I am already in the process of setting up distribution workstations on our home property to start making up the packs as required. Purchasing storage containers is essential as they will provide a safe place for storage against bombing and looting. The goal is to buy all items in bulk to make the most of every donation given to the ministry.

Our Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly reiterated to prepare for this long war, so the needs will continue. The story about Esther in the Bible comes to mind as I seek the Lord daily for His direction and leading at this time. We are all “born for such a time as this.” This is happening now in our time, and it’s our turn to step up and do the task Yeshua (Jesus) requires.

If you would like to consider a donation, please use these links. , ,$bulldozerfaith

Every contribution will increase the relief efforts of our ministry, and every prayer offered will be a source of strength to open up the heavens and see many people saved at this time. It is essential to realize the scale of the operation ahead of us, and some may also feel led to commit to monthly support options, which helps us plan more effectively.

To this, we thank you.

The Mission

History Of Our Ministry

BulldozerFaith (Gottalife Ministries) is an Israeli ministry with a USA Not-for-Profit and partners in many nations. We are a mission agency founded by Dr. Kenny Russell, a Scottish Israeli who has been in full-time ministry internationally for 36 years.

During this time, some of the critical elements of the ministry have been

  • Bible teaching
  • Pioneering of “Pastor of the Parks” during mission trips in different countries
  • Pioneering of “A Letter of Hope” given out continually
  • On our mission trips, we focus on supporting the needs of the poor and homeless as we share the Gospel on the streets.
  • Mission training on impacting our communities for Christ outside the walls of traditional Christianity is a big focus.

As we are skilled and experienced in adapting to the events in communities, it is our privilege to offer whatever help we can to the broken and desperate on the streets of Israel. We need a move of God in the land of Israel, and we believe we are on the edge of the most incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come here. So many people preach a visionless message of a “get me to heaven” mindset while compromising on investing in the Great Commission and training the next generation of spiritual leadership.

Working with BulldozerFaith means your financial contribution meets the physical needs and an opportunity to share Christ.  

How You Can Help – Individual Or Group Efforts

Many Christian leaders are unaware that only a few Christian ministries in Israel can offer both humanitarian aid with spiritual support.

This is because they don’t work independently in distribution and partner with Jewish agencies and government projects.

Being based in Israel for many years, we remain focused on operating independently of these agencies as they don’t allow us to minister as Yehovah leads or to give out printed gospel material, offer prayer and counseling in the name of Yeshua (Jesus). We are not subject to the charity commissions of Israel either as we must operate as an overseas agency to manage persecution attacks, which are a daily risk here in Israel. Our international setup enables us to protect and manage the finances of our donors and is essential to help us operate freely, so on this, we praise Yehovah!

It is important to note that we fully abide by the laws of the land of Israel, and nothing we do is illegal. It also means that through private donations, our ministry has instant access to funds we can use immediately.

We know what we can and cannot do, but in a nation of anti-missionaries and persecution for believers in Yeshua (Jesus), we have to minister one home at a time, seeking houses of peace where we can share the Scriptures as well as boldly sharing the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) while praying in Israeli streets, offering assistance and ministering the Gospel in Christ’s love.

Giving in Israel through Bulldozerfaith means the people we support and distribute aid to in the war-torn areas and those displaced from their homes will also receive the Letter of Hope and spiritual help on the clear plan of salvation.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry, and we praise Yehovah for the privilege to go into the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Dr. Kenny Russell

BulldozerFaith, Israel

Enclosed is a copy of our Letter of Hope or click here