I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.”
Ezekiel 37:22

Gottalife Ministries International was established in 1998 in Wales, UK, by Kenny and Hayley Russell. For more than thirty years, the Russells have traveled and ministered all over the world, being active in mission outreach and spreading the Good News of the Messiah (Jesus).

The Bulldozerfaith Project — a key part of Gottalife Ministries International — began after Kenny Russell (Founder) had a vision in 2006 of hundreds of thousands of people being delivered from religion and gaining a clear understanding of the true gospel of the Kingdom as they untangled from the pagan-Catholic and Protestant-Catholic lies that had been pillars of their faith.

“It’s time for people to get Yeshua out of their backpacks and into their hearts, rooted on the right foundation.” 

Taken in the Spirit, Kenny saw a large production taking place with bulldozers stationed outside the venue with the words “BulldozerFaith, Living Life in the Spirit” written on the front blades.

In great clarity, Kenny experienced everything in the vision and continued to hear the Ruach (Holy Spirit) say, “These are the things to come.” With that picture, Kenny laid BulldozerFaith before YeHoVaH and started to build the music and the graphics he had seen on display. However, amid making the production and preparing the scripts for the events he had experienced in the vision, Kenny didn’t have the message. The Father had given him all of the parts for this mission; nevertheless, he would have to wait until he prayer walked the land of Israel before the complete picture was unfolded!

It’s so important that we don’t do things just because God reveals them in a vision. We must wait on His timing and seek Him before making any decisions! – Kenny Russell

From 2006-2012, Kenny asked YeHoVaH to reveal the message of BulldozerFaith. Every month, he would go to the Father and ask, “Do I have it now?” and, time and time again, the answer would be, “No.” For six years, Kenny studied the Scriptures and sought the Father on what he had seen, believing without a doubt that it would one day come to fruition; however, it seemed that Elohim had to first plow the field before planting the new seed.

The Message

2007 was a turning point in the Russell family’s faith walk. Dealing with the pagan roots that flow throughout modern-day Christianity, Kenny and his family went through a significant purge. Throwing out all the holidays that did not please the Father — Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, etc. — the Russells dove into the Scriptures to learn the roots of their faith and how it aligned with our lives today.

This quest to find truth continued until the Ruach HaKodesh led the Russells to move to Israel. During their first year in the Land, Kenny prayer walked through the Galilee region, asking the Father to open up the Scriptures in a new way that would help him understand what Elohim was doing in the Holy Land, along with seeking the message that was to be sent out to the nations. At this time, Kenny’s eyes were opened to the importance of Yeshua in the Torah, the Feasts of YeHoVaH, and the marriage covenant that established Israel as the Kingdom, not the church (click here to watch Redeem Israel)!

For decades, Kenny had preached what he thought was the Gospel of the Kingdom, but as he listened to the Father’s voice, Kenny’s world was turned upside down as the Hebraic understanding of the Scriptures transformed his faith. The feasts became God-ordained holy days for all believers to observe rather than “Jewish” festivals that Gentiles could come alongside! The Old and New Testaments came together to show an even greater picture, magnifying Yeshua on every page! And, Ezekiel 37 was no longer about modern-day Zionism but the Israel of Elohim, causing the identity we had adopted as Jew and Gentile to become false replacement theology. The moment Kenny understood all of these things and saw how Elohim’s timeline still existed today, the voice of the Ruach HaKodesh came over him and said the four words Kenny had waited more than six years to hear, “You have the message!

Here at BulldozerFaith, we pray that the content you find here will be a blessing, providing growth in your spiritual life and connecting you with other believers who are coming alive to the truth of Yeshua! Are you done with religion? Then, you have come to the right place!