Have We Lost the Love? addresses our destination of getting back to who we are called to be, as well as the questions. “Do we know Him?” and “What does it take to see transformation in our personal lives and the nations?”

YaHoVaH is love and He has a plan for our life

  • Do we understand the kingdom of YaHoVaH (God)?

  • Will you be least or greatest in the Kingdom?

  • Are we building on the rock or are we on the sand?

  • Yeshua said, “Who do you say I am?”

  • Peter answered you are HaMashiack (The Christ)

  • Divine revelation! On this rock Yeshua will build the church.

  • How do we walk in Divine revelation?

Catholicism and Protestant Christian practices will be discussed, and yes, Bulldozed! Are we putting Yeshua in our backpacks, just attached to our lives, or are we living in Him?

It is time for us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice Holy and pleasing to the Lord a positive message of Change!