I went to the doctor today, and this was his report 🙂

1. Blood is fine, no high white cell count anymore
2. Diabetes is gone
3. I have lost ten pounds
4. Blood pressure perfect

Praise Yehovah for His healing power. “By Yeshua’s stripes I am healed, no weapon formed against me shall not prosper.”

The funny thing was, the only problem my doctor said that needed to be addressed was that I was to add more salt into my diet. I have been on a low sodium diet for years, and now I have to add a little salt.
Praise Yehovah! I thought I would never hear a doctor tell me I need a little more salt!!

I have been pressing in like Kenny has been saying, and He has been blessing me, praise His Holy name.

It also has been over two years and five months without smoking as I quit cold turkey with the Father’s help. I have other things to put down with prayer, and I trust that in Yehovah, I will get rid of them too. I know I can’t do it myself; only by the power of the Holy Spirit can I be an overcomer.

Please keep me in your prayers – for my wife and kids also. Thank you, brother Kenny, for being obedient to Yehovah. He has worked through you to help me and encouraging me to press into Him and His blessings.