Over the last four years, we started to follow Torah and learn the Scriptures. We realized that, like Elijah, who thought he was alone with no others following the Father, we thought we were isolated and unable to connect with others like-minded in the same area. We both prayed. I have prayed and fasted in tears asking Yehovah if He would lead us to meet His people and leaders.

When my wife saw your tent and heard the music, she approached you [Kenny], and from that point, after talking to you, she called me.

My wife and I saw that Father is starting to reap the harvest that is so plentiful but so few workers that, for one worker, it’s almost overwhelming to do unless Father gives them strength.

My wife and I learned how we could approach people we knew and strangers, plant seeds, or pray for them. We can see how those things alone could change a person’s life or even thousands through that person’s life.

We have been changed because we met you, and thru you, we met Yeshua.

We saw what you were doing, and it reminded us that we also could reach people. Even if there are difficult days without a moment of silence, we burn brighter with a desire to work for Father’s kingdom. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming but also brings peace to us.

We have learned to be bold and that it’s ok to share our testimony boldly to others and those we don’t even know we can reach out to in love. Yeshua went to the broken-hearted and lost to be among them, changing their lives so much that it would be impossible to recognize them afterward.

We pray and ask what Father would have us do each day.