I wanted to say how much Madelyn and I enjoyed you being here with us while we were doing outreach here in the Arlington/Fort Worth area.

Madelyn wasn’t able to join us on our visits to the parks because of her intolerance of the heat, but she was truly blessed to hear about all the people that were touched and forever changed by it.

I was very glad to have been part of it and have shared with several friends and family about the amazing results that we saw.

Isaiah and his wife Hannah arrived back from Israel on Wednesday evening, and we were able to share with them about the lives that had been changed.

It was so amazing the number of folks that stopped by the tent in search of help.

I have to admit that I sometimes get so caught up in the craziness that seems to be going on everywhere around us that I forget that there are people desperately searching for answers.

How will the people know that GOD loves them and cares for them if no one is sent? We must remain alert to those around us that are hurting.

Madelyn and I were so very happy to be part of the Mikvah at Gilbert and Dana’s house.