I watched a video Kenny recorded in St Louis, Mo, in 2015 called Stepping Over the Line. I watched it several times. Then in 2019, while on a mission trip in Kansas City, MO, I told my wife Kenny was a key for us in ministry, but I did not know how or when.

How could this be possible? I have never even met Kenny Russell. I reached out to Kenny, and a friendship grew in the next few years.

I was filled with joy when I heard Kenny was coming to America. I would have driven to North Carolina or New York to meet him. But I found out he was coming to Missouri on his way to Fort Worth, Texas.

When he arrived at a small state park near my home, I drove to meet him. I was able to finally pray with him in person, as well as do ministry in our small town. The next day I took Kenny to Jesus Hope Center to meet some very special people who love Jesus. However, the church was closed, and no one was around, so we drove into town and grabbed a sandwich.

I told Kenny I wanted to drive out to a building that was available for ministry.

On our way out to the building, we passed a man pushing a bike and carrying groceries. Kenny told me the Holy Spirit wanted us to pick him up and take him home. We loaded his bike and asked where he lived. He told us the address. The problem was his address was 6 miles in the opposite direction. The man was lost and did not know it. We took him home and shared Yeshua with him.

He reassured us he knew the Father, and then we blessed him with some funds to cover his needs.

What a precious man. Kenny and I continued and looked at the building. Then we went to Kenny’s campsite to read the Bible.

Within an hour, a storm came, so we went to my house to wait it out.

It was a downpour!!! If we had not listened to the Holy Spirit and taken that man who was lost home, he would have been caught in it.

How wonderful of a feeling it was to make sure that man was safe at home when that storm hit.