In 2013 my family and I were in a life-changing car accident; we rolled the car three times and I was ejected through the windshield. I broke my skull, eight vertebrae and I now have three herniated disks as well as one ruptured disk. In my recovery, I also gained a lot of weight.

I was airlifted to the nearest trauma centre and during the helicopter flight the Father said, “Tell him about Me.” I knew He meant the flight nurse so I promised Him I would tell the flight nurse; but what about me???

The Lord said firmly, “It’s not about you!” I thought He would say my name but He allowed all the names of the lost to filter through me. I was very emotional as I felt the names as He feels them, like losing someone dear to you.

Through my three years of recovery, my wife and I leaned heavily on God’s word. We studied for three to four hours a day and the Bible became our entertainment. In 2017 I watched Kenny Russell from Bulldozerfaith speak at church, he was speaking about “stepping over the line,” “walking in the Spirit,” and having “joy living in kingdom living!” We adopted this Kingdom Living.

My wife and I lost our hobby farm, we lost our car in the wreck, we lost two other cars hitting deer and our credit score dropped and through all of this my wife’s co-workers asked how we could be joyful?

I said, “My joy comes from the Lord; not temporary comforts of this world.” Then we bought a camper and started to pray for direction as to where God wanted us to go for ministry. We helped in Kansas City Mo with the homeless, we ministered in South Dakota to the Native Americans and served food to the poor in St Louis Mo. We fell in love with serving.

We prayed on where God wanted us next and we hinted to God about wanting to see Montana or Maine. He chose Iowa. I didn’t want to go to Iowa but eventually, we made our way to Iowa and I felt so ashamed for not wanting to go. We met so many friends and missionaries, we even had one baptism, yahoo!! And we were protected from wildfires, viruses, etc. While in Iowa we started listening to Kenny Russell’s Daily Devotions on social media and both my wife and I were hooked. We actually felt the Spirit taught through Kenny’s devotionals and through Bulldozerfaith. We came back to Missouri to wait for the next assignment and that was when our eighteen-year-old down syndrome daughter came down with leukemia so we had to sell our camper so we could live within one hour of a hospital. We have since been given an opportunity to purchase a $600 home and our friends are coming together to help us remodel it.

We are very excited about this next opportunity to serve our Lord in our ministry and Kenny is in contact with me to help develop our ministry. My wife and I have zoom meetings with brothers and sisters who want to learn the truth through the Word and live Kingdom Living through the Spirit.
Thank you Bulldozerfaith and Kenny Russell for being a mentor and teacher of the Word to me.