We are on the road to full restoration and Israel, the bride of the King is being made ready for the wedding feast as we are being purified by the fire of the Ruach HaKodesh. Satan has his snares set with the intention to trap us into feeling isolated and alone in our walk but we have a deliverer, Yeshua! Amen.

Kenny Russell and BulldozerFaith give the body of believers a place to come together and listen to the word of Yehovah without man-made doctrine, without twisted theology, and supplies the body with the edifying faith that was originally given to the saints.

I can testify of miracles; watching Kenny come near to death with a heart issue and was resurrected by faith, it was a supernatural healing! HalleluYah!
I witnessed another brother who was delivered from leukemia and restored to health, it was a full-blown miracle! Praise Yehovah!

BulldozerFaith has ministered to me over the last three years as I went through a painful divorce and it was crucial for me to hear the Word daily in my struggle to press forward.

I don’t know of another place I can go to have this kind of daily fellowship and I thank Yehovah for Kenny Russell and the fellowship he has provided, it is life-saving and life-changing.

Praises to Yeshua, our Messiah, and King!