How has BulldozerFaith blessed me?

I really appreciate your ministry!

You are sincere and genuinely love Elohim and those that you serve. Your ministry stands apart, in the midst of a multitude of ministries, that have slid into superficiality, the programs, and agendas of men.

I am encouraged by your stories and testimonies of the amazing things Elohim has done in your life. As I hear again about the reality of how involved Elohim is in our lives and how much He cares; it is restoring my own hope to see the promises and power of Elohim manifested in my own life.

I hadn’t realized it until recently, but I had been slipping back into hopelessness and depression. There is a lot wrong with the world right now and it’s really easy to get distracted by it all and pulled away from the hope we have in Messiah and the Kingdom of heaven. My fears are slipping away as I remember that I and my family are safe in the hands of the living Elohim!

Your passion for the Word of Elohim is such a blessing to see and is reviving the fire again in me. It is encouraging me to continue pursuing intimacy in my own relationship with Elohim; to be sensitive to the guidance of the Ruach and ministering to the needs of those who are around me.

Thank you so much for your example, your prayers, and your support! You are a true father in the faith!