I had stepped out of the world and into the Word just two years ago. I repented of all my sins, yet I had held onto a sin that occurred over 20 years ago. Though I repented of it, I couldn’t release it as forgiven. 

I had a heart to follow the Word but still a fleshly conscience set on condemnation because I established my sin as unforgivable in my own heart despite what the Word said. 

I was falling into despair and moving farther away from the hope and love of יהוה (YeHoVaH). I prayed for help and deliverance. 

I would see BulldozerFaith’s live broadcast on my Facebook feed at times and would stop to listen every now and then. I wasn’t used to brother Kenny’s confidence in declaring the Word and the message of walking in the Spirit.

I had started my walk in the Torah and was still trying to understand the spiritual things.

I started to join in on the weekly community prayer Zoom calls. One week I had been crying for days in despair and decided to ask for prayer for myself on the Zoom call that week. Everyone prayed, and Kenny also offered help for me off the call. I felt lighter and stopped crying after the Zoom call. I recognized that some kind of a spiritual battle had been won just by that one prayer that Kenny had spoken out loud.

I took a leap of faith and decided to move forward and arrange a phone call with brother Kenny. During that week, I was being led to read Romans, but I did not get a chance to read it before our phone call. I have never fully read any of Pauls’s letters, including Romans, as I had been focused mostly on the Tanakh in my walk. 

During our call, Kenny mentioned to me about reading Romans 7 and 8. I knew right then that יהוה was using Kenny and BulldozerFaith Ministries to set me free. 

My condemnation had kept me silent and insecure in my faith. Speaking a prayer or declaration out loud was out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to be free. Kenny helped me pray out loud over the phone, and I declared my freedom according to the Word and the promises of יהוה. 

The shackles of condemnation and silence were broken! HalleluYah! 

I thank Kenny and the BulldozerFaith family for their prayers and for being a willing vessel of light for those who sit in darkness.