2022 has been a dark year so far for me. In fact, it’s been the roughest time in my life so far. Evil has descended upon my life. I was swallowed up by my own sin. I was victim to everyday sins such as lust and recreational drugs, but I took it a step further by dabbling in witchcraft. This came back to haunt me and severely damage my relationship with God. But, Jesus had other plans for me. He opened up my eyes right in time and let me see clearly all the sins I was committing. I repented, and that’s when satan’s attacks really increased. He is using other humans to conspire against me, and he’s attacking my finances. I would talk to my sister about my problems, looking for advice, and she told me one day of a man from Israel who my aunt Bea knew. She told me that this man, Kenny Russell, prays for people. As soon as I heard that, I contacted my aunt the same day, and she told me she and Kenny and she would be at a park under a tent waiting there to pray for whoever needed it.

I went as soon as I could, and Kenny prayed a wonderful prayer for me. I felt relief and comfort soon after. Just a few days later, Kenny baptized me. It felt good to relinquish my life and my soul to the Father. The Holy Spirit was present that day, and although I still have the fight of my life to get through, I know I have the Most High going before me and behind me fighting for me.

I love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit with all my heart, mind, and soul. Kenny Russell is inspired by the Holy Ghost, and he helped me reconnect to my faith.

My name is Matthew, and this is my testimony. Thank you.