Listening to Kenny talking about his experience with ‘giving up’ Christmas, he mentioned about his wife having a hard time ‘getting rid’ of Christmas decorations and the reasons why they did it, and as the Father in the home, I could relate to this.

The 40-day devotion that Kenny is currently broadcasting was particularly encouraging during this somewhat ‘awkward transition’ we found our family in…just ask any Irish Catholic about how we like to celebrate Christmas! We have come to understand that the traditions of man appear to be a real element of distraction to what we are slowly and somewhat painfully coming to realize as ‘the truth’ if; we take scripture seriously. Getting rid of our ‘man-made’ holidays in an effort to step away from the ‘traditions of men’ and seek a way that is in alignment with Scripture has been a welcome burden that we will carry forth as a family. It was very warming and encouraging to listen to Kenny share his experiences and one particular evening during Kenny’s devotion he talked about the Joy and celebration of Hannukah which stuck in our minds and helped reinforce our commitment and cemented our decision.

So, equipped with a Menorah in one hand and the book of Maccabees in the other we took the ‘Hannukah plunge’…. we chose to share Scripture, simple gifts each night and arranged more meaningful simple lights and decorations whilst praying and seeking the true presence of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This new experience with the Word being the central focus of our family devotion just felt like the ‘right thing to do’. It was encouraging as a family to share nightly Scripture and read the accounts of Judah Maccabee. (how did we not know about this Mighty man growing up, or was I just zoned out?)

We were not seeking a ‘substitute Christmas’ but truly felt we were brought closer to The Father by walking in alignment and by committing to this big step. We understand we are not obligated to celebrate what might be labelled as ‘Jewish Holidays’ but to move away from the materialism and general stress, gluttony, and overwhelming ‘fleshiness’ associated with Christmas. We feel this was a truly bold and courageous step that we pray will bring us blessings. The fear of becoming alienated by family, friends, and community is the narrow path we have chosen as a commitment to what we see as greater obedience. We will strive to continue to diligently seek His Word and the true feast days which are strange and unfamiliar to us. We are new and uncertain of the new biblical vocabulary we are encountering … Yeshua HaMashiach, Ruach Ha’Qodesh, Jehovah/Yahuah and we are not sure of how we fit this into the tongue of everyday conversation. To read the Bible as a family (almost) every night for the month of December has been incredible and is forming part of a bigger testimony for us as a family. The maturity of our boys to embrace it with the full armour of God has been inspirational and strengthening as parents to witness. Bulldozer Faith has certainly left me and my Family blessed and encouraged. We pray that The Father continues to fill us with his Holy Spirit as we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

“Father, help us not to walk in the fear of man but to be bold, courageous, and set apart in obedience. May He write the commandments upon our hearts as we seek to become living testimonies in our daily effort to renew our commitment to the true faith. May we have the courage and wisdom to remove our candles from under the bushel and to place them high on the lampstand where our light can be witnessed and shared as a testimony to all who look toward it. Surround us in a hedge of protection and take our hand as we continue to seek your face.”

As a wise man might say… “continue to press in”… we trust and pray these words to provide testimony and bless and encourage you. Amen & Shalom!