The Jonah Quadrilogy

The Jonah Quadrilogy is a walk through the book of Jonah recognizing the key prophetic sign of Yeshua, the Messiah’s covert mission in coming to lay down His life as a lasting sacrifice. The story of Jonah should be a wake-up call to all who follow Easter and the key traditions in the Christian church…

Catch the Fire

Watch the message Kenny delivered at the 2016 Revive conference in Jacksonville, Fl. Part 1 – Prophecy and Israel Part 2 – In Yeshua’s Name – Healing Service Part 3 – How To Really Pray – Moving From The Natural To The Supernatural

Redeem Israel

A testimonial journey to the center of the Scriptures: How the story began as our family came into the Hebraic understanding of our faith. Israel is the timepiece and the center of what YHVH is doing in the world!

The Beatitudes

Many are asking questions concerning salvation and how to live life in the Spirit. Building the characteristics of the kingdom in our lives and thinking will transform your walk with YHVH. Get ready in this series to see greater fruitfulness in your daily walk! We have had many testimonies of the impact this series has…

Roots of the Gospel

The miracles on the shores of the Galilee (Kinneret) are coming back! It’s time the light — the True Light — shines from Israel to the ends of the earth! Our generation is sick and broken, and the God of restoration is on the move! He is breaking down the lies that encamp around us,…